Association of Ringside Physicians Officially Support Cancellation of Combat Sports Events

With most combat sports promotions respecting public health warnings and government directives to cancel events amidst the ever growing Covid-19 pandemic others are still looking for creative ways to keep shows going.

This week the Association of Ringside Physicians, arguably the leading voice when it comes to the standard of care for safety in combative sports, provided a clear position statement that events should be cancelled in accordance with CDC guidelines.  The ARP’s full position is set out below for anyone who has not yet got the message:

Message from ARP Leadership


The Association of Ringside Physician’s official recommendation is that all governing bodies in combat sports adhere to current CDC guidelines regarding mass gatherings. As of March 16th, these guidelines recommend the cancelation of all events involving ten or more people.


Updated information can be found at The ARP will support all commissions in adhering to CDC recommendations.


Additional information on limiting the spread of Covid-19 is available from the World Health Organization at


We are dealing with extraordinary circumstances. At times like this, we go back to our mission to serve, protect, and educate all involved in combative sports—including but not limited to commission members, medical personnel, fighters, sports professionals, and fans.


I am grateful for the work that you do on behalf of our community. Please be safe and continue to care for each other.



Don Muzzi


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