Will Ali AbdelAziz’s Antics Bring Disciplinary Consequences From the Nevada Athletic Commission?

This week prominent MMA manager Ali Abdel Aziz made headlines for all the wrong reasons.  It is reported that he is accused of battery in two separate cases in Las Vegas. One stemming from a run-in with fighter Colby Covington and the second from reportedly striking competing manager Abe Kawa “with a closed fist on the right side of his face for no reason” while at a PFL event.

Ali, who is described as the President and Founder of Dominance MMA Management headquartered in New York and Las Vegas presumably holds a manager’s licence with the Nevada Athletic Commission.

The NAC enjoy the power to discipline any licence holder who violates any section of their regulations.  Even if not licenced the NAC also enjoy the power to take disciplinary action against any person who is “associated with unarmed combat” in the State.

These powers include the ability to discipline managers who “Violated the laws of Nevada or the United States, except for minor traffic violations. The Commission may determine that a person licensed, approved, registered or sanctioned by the Commission or otherwise associated with unarmed combat in this State has violated the laws of Nevada or the United States, whether or not the person has been convicted of, or entered a plea of guilty, guilty but mentally ill or nolo contendere to such a violation.”  or who engagein conduct at any time or place which is deemed by the Commission to reflect discredit to unarmed combat.” or that engages inany activity or practice that is detrimental to the best interests of this State, the Commission or unarmed combat.”

If the NAC concludes that the above sections are violated sanctions can follow.  In addition to levying hefty fines, the NAC enjoys the power to “suspend or revoke the license, approval, registration or sanctioning of, impose a ban on participation in unarmed combat in this State“.  If such a ban takes place the consequences are far and wide in the world of combat sports management.  Not only are other licence holders (such as promoters) prohibited from dealing with individuals under suspension, NAC 467.895 stipulates the following significant consequence for managers who have their licence revoked:

Revocation of a manager’s license automatically cancels all his or her contract rights in this State under any contracts with unarmed combatants made under the authority of the Commission. If such a revocation occurs, an unarmed combatant may operate independently and enter into contracts for his or her own contests or exhibitions, or may enter into contracts with other managers licensed by the Commission.”

The NAC is quick to discipline fighters when they engage in out of the cage transgressions.  The major question now is will they hold managers to a similar standard?



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