Neurologist Discusses Ethics of Doctors Serving as Ringside Physicians

An article was recently published in the South African Journal of Sports Medicine discussing the ethics of doctors serving as ringside physicians for combat sports, activities that are inherently dangerous for brain health.

The paper, titled “Neurologist at Ringside – To be or not to be?” notes that combative sports “are universally thought to be harmful to the brain” and that medical associations often condemn these sports.  However the athletes competing in the sports are better served by having qualified physicians overseeing events.

In the article Dr. Sethi notes “while medical associations and physicians, including neurologists, may not support boxing or MMA, their presence at the ringside or cageside helps to make these sports safer through protecting the health and safety of a combat sports athlete.

The full article can be found here – Neurologist at Ringside to be or not to be


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