Canelo Alvarez and NSAC Agree to 6 Month Suspension for “Tainted Beef” Clenbuterol Finding

Today Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and the Nevada State Athletic Commission agreed to a 6 month suspension for the boxer who violated the State’s anti doping standards by ingesting Clenbuterol.

Alvarez claimed the positive drug test could be traced back to tainted Mexican beef.  As previously discussed Nevada regulations allow for reduced penalties and even no suspension in cases where a positive drug test can be traced back to contamination.  There is at least one precedent of Nevada not suspending a fighter in such circumstances although this occurred before the 2016 overhaul to Nevada’s anti-doping regulations. 

Instead of testing the defense on its merits Alvarez and the NSAC agreed to a 6 month suspension retroactive February 2018 (the date of his drug test) and no fine.  In the agreement Alvarez confirms he committed an anti-doping violation given the ‘strict liability’ landscape of Nevada’s regulations but denied intentional ingestion of the drug.  In addition to the suspension Alvarez agreed to pay for and pass a urine test prior to his next bout in Nevada which can be scheduled as early as August 17, 2018.



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