Yoel Romero Launches Tainted Supplement Lawsuit

After failing an out-of -competition test administered by USADA, Yoel Romero and the anti doping agency reached a deal giving the UFC middleweight a 6 month suspension.  The relatively lenient suspension was granted because Romero and USADA were able to trace the positive test back to a tainted supplement.

Shortly thereafter Romero’s manager stated the fighter’s intention to pursue legal action against the supplement manufacture.

As reported by Forbes’ Paul Gift, Romero has now followed through with this intention.  According to Gift “Yoel Romero…has filed a lawsuit for negligence against Goldstar Performance Products in New Jersey Superior Court. …In his complaint, Romero alleges that Goldstar carelessly and negligently “failed to maintain the production facility” and “knew” Shred Rx was contaminated with Ibutamoren. His claimed injuries include damage to his reputation and “the loss of the chance at a middleweight UFC title fight.”

Romero is not the first UFC fighter to launch such a lawsuit.  Lyman Good commenced a similar lawsuit in late 2017 in mirroring circumstances.

Proving liability is not always the biggest challenge in such litigation but collections often proves difficult.  Even if a so-called ‘dry judgement’ is secured such litigation can go a long way in helping to rehabilitate the reputation of athletes after testing positive for prohibited substances.  The lawsuit is in its early stages and no findings of wrongdoing have yet been judicially determined.

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