Arkansas Reportedly Allows HIV Positive Boxer to Compete

Kirik Jenness of  has published a concerning story involving Arkansas allowing a boxer who previously tested positive for HIV to compete.

Jenness notes as follows:

Michael Mazzulli, President of the Association of Boxing Commissions, recently reached out to the Governor of Arkansas, alleging that the Arkansas Athletic Commission knowingly allowed an HIV positive boxer to engage in a bout on or about November 11, 2017. Mazzulli understands that the boxer in question had been denied a license in the State of Florida due to a positive HIV test, with the license denial being noted on the suspension list kept under the auspices of the ABC pursuant to Federal Law.”

As recently discussed there is precedent of Athletic Commissions being exposed to civil liability for allowing people in the ring with an HIV positive competitor.

Equally troubling, the article indicates that Arkansas has thus far failed to officially report the bout meaning the opponent may not be aware of what occurred.  Jenness notes that “Nearly two weeks later, the name of the opponent remains unknown as the bout still had not been reported to the Boxing Registries, also a violation of the Federal Muhammad Ali Act, which requires that results be reported to the ABC official record keepers within 48 hours.

Unless the referee and opponent in the bout in question were made aware of the combatant’s HIV status and nonetheless consented to the bout litigation cannot be ruled out.



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