New York Settles Negligence Lawsuit With Brain Injured Boxer for Record $22 Million

Following an unfortunate and avoidable case of regulatory negligence, boxer Magomed Abdusalamov suffered permanent impairment following brain trauma sustained in a 2013 bout.

The New York State Athletic Commission, the regulator in charge, provided inadequate post bout care likely causing/compounding the fighter’s injuries which included permanent partial paralysis.

A lawsuit was launched and it is reported thatNew York State has agreed to pay him and his family $22 million in what is believed to be the largest personal injury settlement the state has made.”.

His injuries are significant with ESPN reporting that he “remains paralyzed on his right side and unable to walk. His speech is mostly limited to mumbling.

This settlement includes funds for lost earnings and substantial medical care he will need over his lifetime.

This case serves as a stark example of the dangers that can occur with regulatory negligence in combative sports.  It is welcome that New York recognized their shortcomings and agreed to compensate Abdusalamov and his family for their losses.

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