CABMMA Adopts Heel Kicks to Kidneys and ABC’s New Definition of Grounded Fighter

At the 2016 Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports convention in Las Vegas changes to the Unified Rules of MMA were introduced which included the legalization of heel kicks to an opponents kidney from guard and a change in definition of what it takes to be a grounded fighter.

Not all member commissions adopted these changes.  The Brazilian MMA Commission (CABMMA) was one commission that did not immediately adopt these changes.

This week, at the 2017 ABC convention CABMMA’s representative confirmed they have now agreed to adopt these changes.  The representative noted that CABMMA shared some reservations about these changes as they could pose more danger to fighters.  With these rules being in place now for several months and with few issues CABMMA noted they are now comfortable and, effective August 1, the above rules will be adopted in Brazil.


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