Are Mayweather and McGregor on an Even Anti-Doping Testing Landscape?

Update July 15, 2017– USADA have confirmed Mayweather is being tested by them.  This leaves the only question of why the NAC have not bothered obtaining a copy of the anti-doping contract between Mayweather Promotions and USADA.

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Conor McGregor has been subject to random out of competition drug testing by the United States Anti Doping Agency ever since they became the UFC’s drug testing partner.

McGregor has been tested, over and above any commission testing, 3 times this year by the anti-doping watchdog.

McGregor USADA Screenshot

It is unclear if Floyd Mayweather has agreed to subject himself to this strict testing but from inquiries through the Nevada Athletic Commission it does not appear so.

Nevada regulations were recently amended to require private anti-doping contracts to be filed or at the very least be reviewed by  the commission with the following stipulation –

Sec. 42. 1. Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, upon the request of the
Commission, a promoter shall submit to the Commission a copy of any contract and each
amendment to a contract entered into by the promoter and an organization that administers a
drug testing program on behalf of the promoter


2. A promoter is not required to submit to the Commission a copy of a contract or
amendment pursuant to subsection 1 if the Commission, in its discretion, authorizes the
promoter to arrange for a representative of the Commission to review the information and
report to the Commission whether the contract or amendment complies with the provisions of
subsection 1.

I submitted a public records request to the Nevada Athletic Commission for any contract for the McGregor vs Mayweather bout filed under this section.  They replied noting they have no such document on file –

NAC resposnse to inquiry

I followed up with the NAC asking if a contract exists but was simply reviewed but not filed as allowed by subsection 2.  The answer was no, that no such contract has been reviewed by the NAC.

This is somewhat curious as it has been reported that UFC President Dana White stated USADA indeed are testing  Mayweather for this bout.

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It is unknown if a private anti-doping contract exists for this bout. It is possible that one does and the NAC simply have not exercised their right to scrutinize it.   If, however, there is no such private agreement then Mayweather and McGregor are going into this bout navigating an uneven anti-doping testing landscape with both fighters subject to NAC testing but only McGregor being under the watch of USADA.

If, on the other hand, such a contract exists but the NAC have not bothered obtaining a copy the question is why?

Nevada’s recent anti-doping regulatory overhaul included an NAC approval requirement for privately contracted drug testing organizations with the regulations reading as follows:

To become a sanctioned drug testing organization for a promoter, an
organization that administers a drug testing program must submit to the Commission an
application for sanctioning on a form and in the manner prescribed by the Commission.

One would expect as part of the USADA’s application to become a “sanctioned drug testing organization” for Mayweather Promotions for this bout the NAC would have requested a copy of the contract that was negotiated.  That apparently is not the case for reasons that are unclear.

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