Study – Head Impact Measuring Devices Poor in Determining Concussion

Adding to this site’s archived combat sports safety studies a recent study was published in the Journal of Athletic Training analyzing peer-reviewed publications looking to draw conclusions about the utility of head impact measuring devices in diagnosing concussion.

In short the authors noted these devices are poor for determining concussion concluding as follows:

Measurements collected by impact monitors provided real-time data to estimate player exposure but did not have the requisite sensitivity to concussion. Proper interpretation of previously reported head-impact kinematics across age, sport, and position may inform future research and enable staff clinicians working on the sidelines to monitor athletes. However, head-impact–monitoring systems have limited clinical utility due to error rates, designs, and low specificity in predicting concussive injury.

The full study, titled Head-Impact–Measurement Devices: A Systematic Review, can be found here.

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