BC Athletic Commission Not Adopting All Changes to MMA’s “Unified Rules”

Today the British Columbia Athletic Commission released a position paper confirming that all of the changes to the unified rules adopted by the ABC at the 2016 convention are not being adopted.

The paper also suggests these will not likely be adopted in much of Canada noting “as a member of Federal/Provincial/Territorial Athletic Commission, BCAC has committed to abide by uniform standards within Canada“.  It is worth pointing out, however, that MMA standards currently are anything but uniform across Canada.

Specifically BC will not be allowing heel strikes to the kidney from guard and also will not adopt the new definition of a grounded fighter.

This should be of no surprise because BC, by regulation, adopts New Jersey’s rules.  New Jersey was a vocal but minority objector to the above changes.  Since New Jersey did not adopt these rules BC by default does not unless there is regulatory change which, based on BC’s position paper, does not appear forthcoming.  Below is BC’s full position –



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