Professional Fighters Association Comes out Swinging At First Press Conference

Posted: August 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

As recently discussed, there is a race underway for organization efforts for professional MMA fighters with the long-standing Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association taking shots at the newly minted Professional Fighters Association.

The PFA held their first press conference and fired back not only at the MMAFA but also at the UFC.

I will repeat my previous comments that fighters should have a simple choice, do they wish to have collective representation or not?  If so there should be one organization speaking for them.  Big Tent politics.  Egos, personal agendas and in-fighting should not play a role.  All stakeholders should get on the same page to ensure the best representation of fighters interests and hopefully efforts to do so are going on behind the scenes.

In any event, the PFA’s press conference was insightful and should be viewed in full for anyone interested in the busiess of MMA.  HT to Submission Radio for the upload


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