Inspector General Slams New York State Athletic Commission

The New York State Athletic Commission, a regulator whose powers have been greatly expanded through recent legislative overhaul of New York’s combat sports landscape, has come under harsh criticism by Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott.

Scott, who was tasked with scrutinizing the NYSAC after a heavyweight boxer sustained a brain injury in a 2013 bout at Madison Square Gardens, finalized her report this month. As first reported by the New York Times, Scott’s report made several critical findings of the regulator.

Scott’s full report can be found here – NY Investigation into NYSAC

In the 48 page report Scott notes

  • that the Athletic Commission Chair at the time of the bout “had received improper gifts from promoters
  • subsequent Commission Chair Thomas Hoover “engaged in improper conduct in obtaining benefits for a relative and friends
  • and perhaps most damaging of all that “many Athletic Commission practices, policies and procedures were either nonexistent or deficient, specifically those relating to post-bout medical care, tactical emergency plans and communication, and training. The Inspector General also found a lack of appropriate engagement and oversight by Athletic Commission commissioners and its char as well as potential violations of New York Public Officers Law by current and former chairs of the Athletic Commission



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