UFC Stalls New Fighter Emil Meek With 4 Month Testing Period

The UFC controversially used their discretion to waive the 4 month US Anti Doping Agency testing period for un-retiring athletes when Brock Lesnar returned for UFC 200.  Lesnar then reportedly failed 2 anti-doping tests in connection with the bout.  This has led to fallout on several fronts including calls by Lesnar’s opponent, Mark Hunt, to spearhead an MMA Fighter’s Association.

Perhaps with this background in mind, the UFC has now forced one of their new fighters, Emil Meek  to sit out for 4 months due to the disclosure of pre-contractual use of a substance that is “potentially out of compliance with UFC’s Anti-Doping Policy“.  New fighters are not typically bound by the 4 month testing window prior to competing for the promotion.

The UFC released the following statement:

“As part of the athlete onboarding process, Emil Meek voluntarily disclosed medical treatment he received prior to signing with UFC that is potentially out of compliance with UFC’s Anti-Doping Policy. As a result, Meek will not compete in his previously scheduled bout on September 3, 2016 in Hamburg, Germany in order to allow him time to consult with his physician and evaluate his medical treatment.

“Given Meek’s medical treatment occurred before his signing with UFC, he is not subject to any potential anti-doping violations under the policy relating to that treatment. However, UFC is requiring Meek to be enrolled in USADA’s registered testing pool for a period of four months before he is placed on a fight card in the future.”

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