How Frequently are UFC Fighters Drug Tested? Perhaps More Than Any Other Athletes

Posted: July 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

After a string of doping controversies the UFC unilaterally brought in the United States Anti Doping Agency to create and administer a custom made anti-doping program.

The program got off to a slow start with a period of education followed by modest initial testing and slowly ramped-up to full speed.  In 2016 the program hit full stride.

Today USADA published their second quarter testing numbers and they reveal that mixed marital artists have been drug tested more than athletes in any other sport save Track & Field.  It is a safe bet that 100% of the MMA athletes represented below were under a UFC contract when tested as it is the only organization with a known USADA contract.

When you account for the fact that mixed martial artists are also subject to further drug testing by State, Provincial and Tribal Athletic Commissions UFC fighters have probably been subjected to more drug tests than athletes in any other sport.

Here are USADA’s 2016 numbers for all non paralymic sports

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