Meldonium in Grey Area With South Dakota Athletic Commission

Earlier this month the UFC issued a press release revealing that Daniel Omielanczuk was flagged by USADA for a potential violation involving Meldonium.  Due to issues in reliably establishing the substance’s elimination rate, however, USADA did not issue a provisional suspension to the athlete clearing the way for him to compete at this week’s UFC event in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

I reached out to the South Dakota Athletic Commission for comment on this subject.  In short they responded that Meldonium is neither specifically allowed or prohibited by their regulations and that Omielanczuk’s licence application was accepted.

As is the case in several other States, the South Dakota Athletic Commission does not adopt WADA standards when it comes to anti-doping in combat sports.  A bit of statute hopping is needed to find what exactly is prohibited and these are those that can be found as Schedule I – IV substances under South Dakota law which can be found here.


Below is the South Dakota Athletic Commission reply in full:

SDAC Meldonium Reply 1

SDAC Meldonium Reply 2

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