Nevada Looks To Open Books of Promoter Anti Doping Contracts

In the parallel world of anti-doping efforts of combat sports there is potential for friction between regulatory bodies and privately contracted anti doping agencies.   Diego Brandao, for example, was disciplined by both USADA and the NSAC for a singular anti doping violation. Brandao received similar penalties by both authorities but this result will not always be the case.

The State of Nevada is looking to clarify these parallel schemes with an overhaul to the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s regulations with confirmation of their entitlement to receive, and presumably rely on, evidence collected by the private contractors.

The proposed regulations, which not only will open the books between the UFC and USADA and also the WBC and VADA, also specifically require privately contracted anti-doping agencies to be approved by the NSAC, to share results with the NSAC, and to make the results public records.  The overhauled regulation will read as follows –

NAC 467.465 Contracts to perform drug testing must be approved by the Commission (NRS 467.030)

1. The Commission must approve, in advance, any contract between a promoter and third party to perform drug testing. The Commission is authorized to reject any or all third party contracts. The Commission is authorized to reject any third party contract for drug testing that is or may be performed by the Commission pursuant to NAC 467.462.

2. The Commission shall be provided complete results of all tests performed by any approved third party.

3. All contracts and test results may become public records pursuant to NRS Chapter 239.

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