ABC Rules Committee Refining Changes to Unified Rules of MMA

Posted: February 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

As first reported by’s Marc Raimondi, the Association of Boxing Commissions MMA Rules and Regulations Committee has been refining proposed changes to the Unified Rules of MMA.

The proposed changes include redefining eye pokes to include a potential infraction before the eye poke occurs, to allow 12-6 elbows, heel kicks to the kidney and grabbing the clavicle and to redefine what constitutes a grounded opponent.

Raimondi reports as follows

(the rules)will be tested out Friday during the Victory Fighting Championship event in Urbandale, Iowa. VFC 48 will air live on UFC Fight Pass.

All of the rules being experimented with Friday night will be voted on by the MMA Rules and Regulations Committee in the coming months, according to committee chairman Sean Wheelock.

Below is a screenshot capturing the proposed rule changes .

screenshot ABC rules committee propsoed rule changes

  1. David Ross says:

    I would like to see a rule prohibiting a fighter from throwing their saliva and bloody mouthpiece into the audience. It is a biohazard to the fans and should be discontinued.

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