Edmund Tarverdyan’s Licence Revoked by California State Athletic Commission


According to Executive Director of Sherdog.com Greg Savage, Tarverdyan’s licence was revoked for alleged violation of s. 210 of California’s Code of Regulations

Greg Savage Tweet

which reads as follows –

§ 210. Application For License; Contents, Falsification.

(b) Falsification in whole or in part of a material fact or presentation on any application for a license shall result in a license being denied, and if previously granted, revoked unless otherwise ordered by the commission


Seconds, (cornermen), are typically required to be licensed by State and Provincial Athletic Commissions in regulated combative sports.

Edmund Tarverdyan, head trainer and corner to UFC’s former bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, has apparently had his licence revoked.

The California State Athletic Commission’s agenda for an upcoming meeting on February 2, 2016 has been published and it reveals that they have revoked Tarverdyan’s seconds licence and that he is appealing this.

It is unclear why his license has been revoked or for how long but unless and until this is overturned Tarverdyan will not be able to corner fighters in California.  Being licensed in other ABC member jurisdictions may also prove problematic during the course of the revocation as members typically honor each others suspensions.

CSAC Agenda

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