Welcome BJPenn.com Readers – Martial Artists Hands as Deadly Weapons!

Earlier today I had the privilege to co-author an article with Michael Martin, JD, Content Manager for Strong Sports Gymnasium in downtown Los Angeles, for BJPenn.com detailing how fighter Jamual Parks had his MMA trained hands recognized as deadly weapons.

The full article can be found here.   For readers looking for more on this topic you can find my previous write up here.

And, if you are looking for the full statute in Guam requiring Karate and Judo “Experts” (note basically anyone above a white belt) to register their hands as deadly weapons – Guam Martial Art Registration Law

§ 62102. Registration. The Department of Revenue and Taxation shall register each karate or judo expert who applies therefor and shall keep a roster of such experts. On issuance of the registration certificate by the Department of Revenue and Taxation, the applicant shall bring such certificate to the License Division of the Department of Revenue and Taxation, which shall bill the applicant for the required fee. On payment of the required fee to the Treasurer of Guam, the Treasurer shall receipt therefor on the face of the registration certificate and return such certificate to the applicant. The registration certificate with the receipt of the Treasurer marked on the face therefor shall constitute evidence of registration.

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