UFC Seeks Injunction Paving Way for 2016 New York Event

Immediately after filing a second lawsuit in New York seeking a declaration that the State’s Combative Sport Law is unconstitutionally vague as applied to professional MMA, the UFC has requested that a preliminary injunction be granted preventing the law from being used to shut down a scheduled event at Madison Square Gardens in April, 2016.

The UFC’s full argument can be found here (courtesy of New York MMA Journalist Jim Genia) – Zuffa v New York Memo In Support of Preliminary Injunction

In short the UFC argues that a preliminary injunction is needed because the case will likely succeed at trial, there will be irreparable harm (either by having the event shut down or the looming threat of criminal charges if the event proceeds) without a preliminary injunction and lastly that an injunction is in the public interest.

The UFC’s argument that the law is inherently vague and inconsistently applied is on fairly strong legal footing.  Whether these arguments warrant a preliminary injunction before the case is fully canvassed on its merits is yet to be seen.

In the event this is granted the State of New York will have a problem on their hands in that they will largely lose the reigns on the regulation of professional combative sports.  To this end, as Genia notes, the possibility of legislative amendment in the early New Year cannot be ruled out

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