Headgear Revisited – Study Suggests Increased Head Clashes Reason to Bring Back Headgear in Amateur Boxing

A study was recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reviewing the Amateur International Boxing Association’s recent rule change to remove headgear from international competition.

In the recent study (Because Not All Blows To the Head are the Same) the authors suggest that one type of impact, namely head clashes, can lead to serious injury and headgear is effective in reducing these risks.

The study reviews a specific case involving  22 year old boxer who suffered an acute subdural haematoma following an international bout where he received multiple head to head impacts.

The study notes that while the number of direct punches to the head are relatively similar with and without headgear, head to head impacts rose more than 40% with no headgear.

The study suggests that the risk of injury from head clashes is a reason to revisit the issue of whether headgear should be worn in amateur boxing.

A journal subscription is needed to access the full article but an extract is available here.

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