MMAFA Founder – Association is Growing and “I Am Getting Threats”

Arizona lawyer and founder of the Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association Rob Maysey appeared on a podcast earlier this week where he discussed his efforts at organizing fighters, the anti-trust lawsuits, the Ali Act and other legal issues in the landscape of MMA.

The MMAFA’s organizing efforts are perhaps one of the biggest fights in MMA right now and are not without challenge and controversy.  During his interview Maysey explains there are many fighters that are now part of the organization and these go well beyond those that have publicly identified themselves.    Maysey notes as follows –

In fact there are already many more that are already active participants in what the fighters are doing they are just not yet public.  Essentially we tell all the guys ‘we are not going to publicize you until you are comfortable.  We’re not outing you. You can out yourselves’  Fighters are going gym to gym right now.  That process is underway.  Just because you guys have seen about 7 guys public, don’t assume its 7.  Its many more.”

These growing numbers are apparently making some people uncomfortable to the point that Maysey’s efforts are resulting in threats against him and his law firm.  Maysey commented as follows –

I am getting threats.  My firm has been threatened.   My job has been threatened.  Numerous times.  And they are very blunt.  ‘Rob your life at your firm is about to become very rough’.”

The podcast experienced technical difficulties shortly after and the full interview is not available but I encourage anyone interested in the details of the battle to organize MMA fighters to listen to ‘part 1’ of the interview.

I have reached out to Maysey asking for him to elaborate about the nature of the threats he is receiving.  I will update this article if he replies.

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