Anderson Silva Suspended For One Year, Fined $380,000 For Doping

Posted: August 13, 2015 in Doping, Nevada Combat Sports Law

After months of delay following positive findings for the anabolic steroids drostanolone and androsterone and further positive findings for banned in-competition Benodiazepines Anderson Silva learned his fate before the Nevada State Athletic Commission which streamed live on UFC’s fightpass.

The NSAC had little time for Silva’s ‘Thai Sex Liquid defense’ and found him liable for doping violations.  The hearing itself was a sight to behold and is worth watching for anyone interested in how not to respond to PED allegations.

The Commission issued a suspension of one year, stripped him of his $200,000  bonus, 30% of his $600,000 show purse and overturned the bout to a no contest.

It was clear from watching the hearing in its entirety that the NSAC was concerned with relative parity in doping suspensions and that they issued the penalty under their ‘old system’ of lenience.  Such penalties will be a thing of the past under their new doping penalty regime which comes into force later this year and likely would result in a three year ban.  It is also worth noting that under the UFC/USADA standards athletes can also expect harsher results.

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