Let’s Talk “Disreputable” Conduct and Suspensions Arising From WSOF 22

Update September 14, 2105 – Shields admitted to regulatory misconduct at a hearing today before the NSAC.  He was not fined nor suspended but ordered to complete 50 hours of community service for his transgression.

Update August 5, 2015 – the NSAC has now issued a temporary suspension to both Shields and Palhares following their bout pending a formal disciplinary compliant and hearing


World Series of Fighting 22, which was regulated by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, will likely have a host of suspensions following the event.

Welterweight Champion Rousimar Palhares retained his title via kimura submission.  The problem, he held on to the submission well beyond Jake Shields’ multiple tapouts and referee engagement to stop the bout.  If this was an isolated incident it perhaps would slide but Palhares is a serial offender of holding onto submissions beyond the end of the bout.

(Below GIF’s Courtesy of ZombieProphet)

The NSAC has the ability to suspend the licence or refuse to issue a licence to a combatant who engages in “in any activity that will bring disrepute to unarmed combat”.  Not only did Palahres hold on to the submission beyond the referee’s initial attempt to end the contest, he appears to have cranked the submission harder.  This occurred on the cusp of multiple eye gouging which necessitated referee warning earlier in the bout.

Palhares will likely have some explaining to do to the NSAC and a lengthy suspension may be in his future.

Next we have the out of cage altercation involving the Diaz brothers and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The altercations apparently continued in the hotel lobby –

While these athletes were not there as combatants this was an NSAC regulated event and all of these fighters will likely have some explaining to do next time they attempt to obtain a licence in Nevada.  As the Jon Jones / Daniel Cormier incident demonstrated, fines and other punishments are not out of the norm for out of the cage ‘disreputable’ conduct.

Nick Diaz, who is currently in the process of a regulatory hearing following reported positive marijuana findings after his bout with Anderson Silva, may just have this latest conduct rolled into his ongoing hearing.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk “Disreputable” Conduct and Suspensions Arising From WSOF 22

  1. In reviewing the arm bar video I’m not so sure that Palahres did anything wrong. Shields’ left his arm out and got caught in a manner that a fighter playing at this level should never have allowed. The arm bar went on during a rolling ground movement and was released one second after the ref intervened. The first tap starts around three seconds and the arm bar is released at 5 seconds in the video. The ref intervened (physical contact) at 4 seconds. In fighting time that’s nothing. Also the first tap comes off of a roll and was a light tap. I can’t hear what Shields is saying. The first tap could have been mistaken for an effort to escape off of the roll both by Palahres and the ref in real time and after the fact. Also look at the arm angle, the pressure on the shoulder joint only starts to come on at 4 seconds. Palahres is there to win, as is Shields, I wouldn’t expect him to release the arm any earlier than he did.

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