Manitoba Boxing Amendment Act Introduced

Manitoba has tabled Bill 23, the Boxing Amendment Act, which is legislation intended to bring their laws up to date with the current wording in Canada’s Criminal Code.

You can find the Bill here – Manitoba Boxing Amendment Act

The legislation seeks to amend Manitoba’s Boxing Act to achieve the following:

1. rename the Provincial athletic commission to “the Manitoba Combative Sports Commission”

2.  Changing the name of the Boxing Act to “The Combative Sports Act”

3.  Substitutes the word ‘boxing’ for “combative sports” throughout the legislation

4.  Prohibits anyone who is “less than 18 years of age” from competing in a professional combative sport

This bill is not controversial and should pass into law without issue.

Interestingly, the bill will continue to allow professional kickboxing contests to be legally held, a position which at least one other Province believes is not possible under the current language of the Criminal Code.


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