ABC Urges Attorney General Probe of Al Haymon For Alleged Ali Act Violations

The Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, a statute designed to clean up the sport of boxing, has never resulted in a successful prosecution.  This is not due to the fact that the law is not being violated, rather there simply seems to be little will on the Federal level to enforce its provisions.

Tim Lueckenhoff, the current President of the Association of Boxing Commissions, has been vocal in the past about the lack of enforcement of this act and this week he has penned a letter to Lorreta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States requesting investigation and potential prosecution of Al Haymon.

The letter states “we can and do request that there is ‘reasonable cause to believe’ that Haymon is ‘engaged in a violation of this chapter’.

The full letter was first obtained by can be found here which centers around allegations that Haymon is violating the statute by simultaneously acting as a promoter and manager thereby breaching the sections of the statute which are designed to act as a firewall between promoters and managers.

It is unclear what, if any, steps the US Attorney General plans to take in the face of the ABC’s request.  I will update this story as more information comes forward.


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