Quinton Jackson Enjoined From Competing for UFC

Update February 16, 2016 – The nearly year old legal battle outlined below has apparently come to an end with the parties reaching a settlement with Jackson returning to Bellator who issued a press release today advising as followsFollowing an amicable agreement to settle the litigation between the two parties, the always entertaining and exciting Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson is returning to Bellator

Update April 22, 2015 – A full copy of the appeal decision can be found here – Appeal Decision Bellator Jackson Injunction


Update April 21, 2015 – Today the temporary injunction was apparently overturned on appeal.  Interestingly, it sounds like a temporary injunction remains in place and only the injunction relating to UFC 186 was set aside.  Review of Judge Suter’s reasons makes it clear that Jackson was “enjoined and restrained from… fighting for any MMA promoter” and also specifically enjoined from competing at UFC 186.  From Bellator’s statement released today which I reproduce below it sounds like the general injunction remains in place

We are gratified that the appellate division did not disturb part of the chancery division order enjoining Jackson, but are disappointed that they reversed the injunction as to the April 25 fight,


Last month I had the opportunity to review Quinton Jackson’s Bellator Contract which became public record due to the litigation between Jackson and Bellator.  In short it appears Bellator may have breached the contract and not cured the breach within the allotted time frame allowing Jackson to terminate the contract.  Matching clauses, however, appear to survive the termination allowing Bellator to keep Jackson with their promotion if they so desire.

Today, Judge Karen Suter of the Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division, handed down her ruling granting a preliminary injunction keeping Jackson from competing in UFC 186 scheduled later this month in Montreal.

In a nutshell today’s ruling means Jackson will need to hammer out a new deal with Bellator or stay sidelined indefinitely until the legal proceedings run their course in full at which time the winning side will be entitled to damages from the losing litigant for breach of contract.

You can read Judge Suter’s reasons here – Bellator v. Jackson Reasons for Injunction

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