Wanderlei Silva Files Legal Arguments in NSAC Lawsuit

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Nevada Combat Sports Law

Last year the NSAC took bold steps in attempting to drug test Wanderlei Silva, who at the time was not licensed with the commission.  After Silva unceremoniously ducked the test the NSAC doubled down and issued Silva a lifetime ban for the alleged infraction of their rules.

Earlier this year I discussed why the NSAC was legally on thin ice.  Ross Goodman, Silva’s lawyer, has now filed a memorandum of points and authorities in support of their request for immediate reversal of the NSAC decision.  You can find the full memorandum here (Wanderlei Silva Memorandum of Points and Authorities).

Goodman makes sound points as to why that the commission overstepped their bounds.  The Commission failed to voice any reasons justifying their stance on jurisdiction when they punished Silva.  I have asked the NSAC to provide me with a copy of their Court filings in this case and will update this article when these are provided to me.

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