Will the Nevada State Athletic Commission Seek CIR Testing for Jon Jones?

UPDATE January 16, 2016 – the full CIR test results were released and can be found here – jon-jones-ufc-182-steroid-profile

January 8, 2015Bleacher Report has interviewed NSAC Director Bennett who confirms that CIR testing was indeed done and that “none of the results were a concern“.


In the wake of Jon Jones’ recent cocaine scandal, a potentially bigger and more important story has developed.  The out of competition tests Jones had prior to his UFC 182 light heavyweight title defense revealed seemingly unusual testosterone to epitestosterone ratios.  You can click here for background information on this.

A lot of questions are being asked about these findings and speculation is being raised as to the possible cause of these low levels.  Further testing can apparently clear the air.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission, the government body who sanctioned these tests, has the ability to address these questions.  Jones’ samples were reviewed by the World Anti Doping Agency accredited lab in Salt Lake City.  This is a world class facility and there is a strong likelihood the samples still remain in their custody.  If the samples are still available CIR Testing can reveal whether synthetic testosterone played a role in the readings.

The NSAC, who continue to have jurisdiction over this matter, and whose mission statement is to “ensure the health and safety of the contestants” have a duty to get to the bottom of this matter.  They can request that CIR testing be done if the samples are still available.

I have asked the NSAC to confirm if Jones’ samples are still available and whether their office any plans to conduct CIR testing.  I will update this article if/when they reply.

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