18% Of Bellator 127 Card Reportedly Fails Post Fight Drug Tests

Following Bellator 127 the California State Athletic Commission tested all 22 fighters on the card.  This widespread testing apparently caught many of the fighters off guard and according to one source, “people back stage were freaking out.“.

The results are now in and, as reported by Sherdog, 4 of the 22 fighters tested positive for prohibited substances.  That’s 18% of the roster competing that night.

As the Nevada State Athletic Commission has proven, unexpected testing results in a far greater number of positive PED findings in MMA.  The reported CSAC findings bolster the conclusion that PED abuse is far more widespread than revealed with predictable PED testing.

Given that conventional PED testing in the sport is fraught with obvious and glaring weaknesses” hopefully other commissions will follow this example and test more combatants when they do not expect it.

Earlier this week the Combat Sports world was dragged in to a lawsuit with allegations of neglect in the face of brain injury and condoned rampant steroid use.  Neglectful PED testing policies will put both promoters and athletic commissions in the cross hairs of a lawsuit in the future unless meaningful actions are taken to clean up PED use from the sport.  The CSAC’s actions of testing all licensed fighters is a step in the right direction and hopefully other regulators of the sport take notice.

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