What Fallout Will Come From Ryan Ford’s Pre-Bout Broken Arm?

Update October 12, 2014 – the ECSC has released their official Bout Results and these include an Indefinite Suspension for Ford noting a “fractured right forearm“.

Update November 5, 2014 – It is reported that the ECSC has suspended Ford for 6 months due to the below conduct.


Following the World Series of Fighting’s card in Edmonton on October 11, 2014 it was widely reported that Ryan Ford, a fighter not unfamiliar with controversy, entered the bout with a pre-existing fractured arm.  Ford lost via first round rear-naked choke.

The pressing regulatory question is who, other than Ford, knew of this fracture and what consequences will these individuals face?

Ford clearly knew of the extent of the injury as evidenced by this video filmed over a week prior to the bout:

The Edmonton Combative Sports Commission, the regulatory body overseeing this event, requires pre-bout medical information to be disclosed from combatants.  If this information was hidden from the commission Ford and his handlers are in breach of their duties to the regulator.  While a fighter’s ‘the show must go on‘ attitude is understandable with their livelihood depending on it, from a regulatory perspective this cover up calls for disciplinary consequences.

The above video apparently was published prior to the bout.  If the WSOF or other licensed entities with the ECSC knew about this pre-existing injury and failed to bring it to the commissions attention the sport’s integrity requires a wide disciplinary net being cast in order to send a message of general deterrence.  Athletic Commissions exist first and foremost for combatant safety.  Any steps that threaten the integrity of this vital role must be met with strict consequences.


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