Reasons For Judgement in Canada’s First “Modern” Prizefighting Prosecution

In my effort to create a database of Combat Sports prosecutions pursuant to Canada’s Criminal Code, I have obtained the full transcript of the sentencing proceedings from Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Justice in the case of HMTQ v. Crowthers and Daku.

By way of backgound, Patrick Crowthers and Derek Daku of Saskatchewan’s Prestige Fight Club have the dubious honour of being the first to be successfully prosecuted for hosting an illegal ‘prizefight’ since section 83 of Canada’s Criminal Code was overhauled by Bill S-209.  In short both parties plead guilty to the offence and joint submissions (ie a plea bargain) were made which the Court accepted.  The court’s sentence was a conditional discharge.

For those interested Judge Kovatch’s reasons can be found here: HMTQ v. Crowthers and Daku

For anyone interested I am happy to provide a copy of the full certified transcript which includes submissions from counsel.

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