How Not To Draft a Drug Testing Policy in Combat Sports

Although Performance Enhancing Drug testing has much room for improvement in the world of Combat Sports one thing is clear, the current landscape with more frequent testing including occasional out of competition testing is far improved from from the sport’s earlier years.

Yesterday, Mixed Martial Arts legend Enson Inoue provided a glimpse into the history of MMA Drug Testing by sharing the following clause from one of his PRIDE fight contracts:

Pride Steroid Exclusion Clause




After this was posted on and the authenticity of this clause was questioned Enson confirmed it is, indeed, authentic providing the following comments and linking to video where he takes viewers through his PRIDE contract.

Well there would be no reason for me to make this up… Just, it is what it is.  I was cleaning out my house and the contracts came up.  I am in no way saying that all the fighters were juicing up, I’m jut saying exactly what it is.  There was a clause that said that.  Take it or leave it.



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