IMMAF Overhauls Canadian Representation






After much dysfunction it appear the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation has grown weary of the infighting between the CNMMAF and the CAMMAF (the two groups vying to be the Canadian representative in the organization) and has now dropped ties with both groups.  In a press release issued today the IMMAF has announced a new representative, the Canadian Combat Alliance.

As previously discussed, for there to be a viable National Sporting Organization for amateur MMA in Canada ‘big tent’ politics need to be followed and the organizations need to encourage grass roots growth, not a race for power and control.  Hopefully the CCA will have better success in this regard.

Below is the full IMMAF press release:

Tryouts for the Canadian national team will be organised by the Canadian Combat Alliance, details to be announced Friday March 21st. The CCA was approved on March 18th 2014 for observation membership status and have been given the task of ensuring that MMA athletes are able to compete for a spot in the national team. Being the home of many successful MMA athletes over the years, Canada should prove a strong contender at the World Championships in Las Vegas, tapping from a wide pool of talent across the large country.

The CCA membership follows upon a couple of months of turbulence in the Canadian MMA community. The IMMAF has regrettably been forced to disaffiliate the two previous members – first the CAMMAF and recently the CNMMAF – which has negatively affected the situation for the Canadian athletes.

The IMMAF membership comes with requirements to be met and one of the most important requirements is majority representation. This stems from MMA being a young sport; what is happening now all around the world is that people are coming together to form the basic fabric needed to support the development of the sport. Established sports already rely on a structure; clubs, gyms and athletes are affiliated to one national federation and the federation has a nation-wide mandate to represent the sport. When there is no established entity in place something needs to be formed, and in order to do that with credibility and voluntary support the entire MMA community must take part. One group can’t dominate the others, trust needs to be established and democracy must rule.

Dedicated individuals within the CAMMAF, the CNMMAF and other groups across the country are currently working hard for the sport of MMA and that deserves recognition and respect. The IMMAF has however failed in our repeated attempts to bring the two major groups together in cooperation. With constellations and partnerships breaking down, people moving in and out of the groups and there being a general mistrust among peers the IMMAF regrettably has little hard fact to go on in assessing the degree to which requirements are met. For now the decision must therefore be to not engage either party. The IMMAF is deeply committed to supporting and enabling democratic, non-profit representation for the Canadian MMA community and will continue to encourage cooperation and engage key groups in dialogue. The IMMAF board decided on affiliating the CCA with the explicit task of working out a long-term solution that engages all parties.

The CCA is an experienced and well established organization currently developing and promoting MMA, grappling, BJJ and pankration in Canada. They have been tasked to represent the IMMAF in this period of transition; hosting the tryouts, facilitating dialogue with all key parties of the MMA community and thus laying the ground-work for the establishment of a national federation solely for MMA that has wide national and provincial representation. IMMAF headquarters will resume active work of facilitating a permanent solution for Canada after the summer and until then invites all parties to engage with the CCA and put aside differences for the greater good.

For questions regarding the Canadian tryouts please contact the CCA at or email For questions or suggestions regarding the representation of MMA in Canada please contact


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