EFC Fails to test for PED’s Following Booto Guylain Death

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Given the inherent dangers of MMA, athletic commissions and promotions must take reasonable steps to keep the sport clean and meaningfully test for PED abuse both in and out of competition.  Unfortunately, the EFC seems to have fallen short of this standard following the tragic death of Congolese fighter Booto Guylain.

Keron Davies was on the victorious side of the bout.   I reached out to the EFC Africa, the promoter of the bout, to determine if PED’s played a role.  (Note – there is nothing to suggest that PED’s were involved).  Despite the profound consequences of the bout the EFC failed to conduct any PED tests of Davies.  Below is our e-mail exchange:


I am a lawyer who discusses legal issues in MMA in North America.

 I am sorry to hear about the tragedy involving Mr. Guylain following the latest EFC event.

 I write to ask if EFC tests for PED’s both in and out of competition?  If so, was Mr. Davies tested before or after his last bout and can the results be disclosed?

 Yours truly,



Hi Erik,

 EFC AFRICA does test contracted athletes for PEDs at random, both in and out of competition. In this particular case, Mr Davies was not tested.


 Cairo Howarth


Office: +27 11 706 3497
Mobile: +27 82 902 4220
Email: cairo@efcafrica.com
Web: efcafrica.com


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