Have the Canadian Amateur MMA Championships Been Derailed?

Earlier this year I highlighted why the anticipated Canadian Amateur MMA Championships cannot lawfully be held in Ontario given the lack of Bill S-209 compliant laws in the Province.

It now appears that the planned event has hit a wall with local authorities.  Alex Gasson, who operates the Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Championship Series, has authored an on-line petition stating that “Municipalities/Permit Departments are denying permits for Amateur Mixed Martial Arts and even Non-Striking Combative Sports events citing S209. ”  Although this may be frustrating for those involved it should not come as a surprise given the clear requirements set out in S-209 to lawfully host MMA competitions.

While the petition does not specifically state that the AMMACS 3 tournament has been cancelled it appears safe to conclude that it is now in jeopardy given the lack of cooperation from provincial authorities.  The petition specifically acknowledges that the Canadian Combat Alliance and the Ontario Grappling Association (the authorities that AMMACS advertises as the Provincial and National sanctioning bodies) have no legal authority to sanction AMMA in Ontario with the following request for legal change:

“WE, the undersigned, demand written permission from an appropriate authority to officially render Canadian Combat Alliance (CCA), its affiliates, & Ontario Grappling Association (OGA) “Legal” to run Amateur Mixed Martial Arts, Grappling – Gi/NoGi, and Pankration, in light of S209 for immediate continuity of these sports.”


As previously discussed, the proper route for change is to lobby the Ontario Government to pass a Bill S-209 law legalizing amateur MMA in the Province and setting out how events can lawfully be held.  Participating in an event without this framework can lead to criminal prosecutions as demonstrated recently in Saskatchewan.

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