Ontario Reviewing Legal Change For Amateur MMA / Combat Sports

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Athletics Commissioner of Ontario

Ontario Ministry of Sport Reply Letter Screenshot

The Ontario Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport has replied to my requests regarding the Province’s intentions now that Bill S-209 has passed.

The Ministry advises that the Government is “reviewing the changes in the law and considering the best approach for the province“.

The Ministry is seeking feedback from the combat sports industry and advises that “it is important we receive advice from people with an informed interest in combative sports.  In this regard, if you would like to discuss this issue further, I encourage you to contact Craig Stewart, Manager of Sport and Recreation, at 416-326-4370

All those looking to have a hand in shaping the landscape of Ontario combat sports law ought to take advantage of this invitation to ensure your voice is heard in encouraging the Ministry to make informed changes to the law.

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