BC Athletic Commissioner Supports Formation of Amateur MMA Provincial Sporting Organization

bc athletic commissioner colour logo

Amateur MMA is government regulated in BC and events cannot be held without oversight from the BC Athletic Commissioner.  Given this framework is there a place for a Provincial Sport Organization to help foster and grow AMMA?  The BC Athletic Commissioner thinks so.  I reached out to Dave Maedel and here are his views on this topic:


Hi Erik.

The Office of the BC Athletic Commissioner believes the establishment of a Provincial Sports Organization for MMA in BC would be beneficial.

Provincial Sport Organizations provide a structure for coach and officials development; ensure rules and regulations are aligned with the recognized national sport organization; and provide members with consistent policies relating to codes of conduct, volunteer and employee screening, dispute resolution etc.  all which benefit and improve the safety of participants.

Dave Maedel

BC Athletic Commissioner

Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

Victoria, BC  


Presently there is no Government recognized National Sporting Organization for MMA in Canada and if one is ever going to adopted then PSO’s must develop first.   You can’t put the cart before the horse.  Since an NSO for MMA will not be formed until the sport is “established in a minimum of eight Provinces” work on the grass roots level is key.  Having the Athletic Commissioner’s support is a great starting point.

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