More on Medical Marijuana TUE’s in Combat Sports

Earlier this year I canvassed the possibility of obtaining Therapeutic Use Exemptions for medical marijuana users licensed to compete in combat sports.

The Association of Boxing Commissions Medical Committee has now addressed this issue, noting that “there are no good data at present to suggest that marijuana acts directly as a performance-enhancing drug” and confirmed that, provided that the underlying medical condition does not bar the combatant from being licensed, Athletic Commissions should be open to granting marijuana TUE’s.  Below is the Medical Committee’s consensus statement which ought to be referenced for any user seeking a TUE for medical marijuana:

The ABC Medical Committee Consensus Statement regarding MEDICAL
MARIJUANA is as follows:
Based on current standards of care, the current diagnoses for which medical
marijuana could be indicated as treatment would most probably preclude a
combatant from participation in combat sports. Nevertheless, the committee
recommends that each request be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Should the athlete be deemed healthy enough for participation, an explanation from
the treating board certified physician, who must be in good standing in his/her
states) of licensure, should be submitted to the jurisdiction sanctioning the bout. It
is recommended that the letter include the following:
1. The length of time the contestant has been under the physician’s care
2. The complete work-up and diagnosis of the patient
3. A clear explanation as to why other treatment modalities deemed acceptable in
competition have not been suggested to the contestant.
4. Follow-up plan for the contestant including the means for objective assessment of
improvement with this treatment modality.


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