With the Big Show in Town, Amateur MMA and Other Martial Arts Still Illegal in Ontario

banning trt image

Imagine if pro hockey was legal but all amateur games were against the law.  That is foolish and would never happen right?  Of course not but that’s exactly what’s happening in Ontario with other sports, namely MMA along side many traditional martial arts.

The UFC is making its fourth appearance in Ontario this week.  Despite having the sports biggest organization doing repeat business in the Province amateur MMA still remains technically illegal in Ontario.  You can click here to read why this is so.

Perhaps worse than the AMMA ban, Ontario still is in the dark ages making many traditional martial arts competitions illegal as well.  Given the recent Criminal Code overhaul to section 83, non-Olympic martial arts are illegal by default.   The Ontario government (along with other Provincial governments) have the right to cure this by passing a simple Order in Council.  To date Ontario has failed to act.  This means that if you or your children participate in non Olympic martial arts (think Karate and Jiu Jitsu as two prominent examples) you are breaking the law every time there is an amateur combative competition.

This is a silly gap in the law without valid reason.   I have written to the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport asking when they will remedy this gap.  You can find a copy of my letter here:

Open Letter to the Ontario Ministry of Sport Regarding Amateur MMA

I suggest all Ontario residents who find this gap in the law baffling send similar letters seeking legislative change.

I will update this article once the Ministry responds.

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