City of Weyburn Pulls the Plug on Planned Combative Sports Bylaw

Chalking this one up to the ‘no surprises here‘ category, the City of Weyburn has pulled the plug on their planned Athletic Commission to regulate MMA in the City,

After it was announced that the City has plans to regulate MMA the Province stepped in saying such a law would exceed the City’s authority.  The City has complied with the Province’s direction pulling the plug on the proposed Bylaw during their August 18, 2013 City Council meeting.

This is a development of little significance as Saskatchewan has now legalized amateur MMA and has plans in place to create a Province wide commission.  Mathew Warren,
Director of Leisure Services for the City of Weyburn, has provide the following statement regarding these developments:

At the August 19, 2013 City Council meeting, the Combative Sports Bylaw was defeated because of the creation of the Provincial Commission, which was announced on August 14, 2013.  The City is happy to hear that the Province of Saskatchewan is in the process of creating a Provincial Commission with the plan to have it operating sometime in 2014 and we are looking forward to working with them for future Mixed Martial Arts event in our community.  

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