BC Athletic Commission Sets Rules For Amateur Muay Thai; Kickboxing Rules Still in Progress

Posted: August 12, 2013 in BC Athletic Commission, Uncategorized
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thai boxing image

(Image via Wikimedia)

The BC Athletic Commissioner has now set out the rules for Amateur Muay Thai contests in British Columbia.

Further to the powers given to the Commissioner via section 2(2) of Order in Council 2013-342, the Commissioner has adopted, on a provisional basis, the Association of Boxing Commissions Unified Rules and Guidelines for Muay Thai.

A full copy of these provisional rules can be found here:

ABC Unified Rules for muay thai

These are not apparently set in stone with the Athletic Commissioner advising that variations may be tolerated provided that any changes to the applicable rules  “be approved in writing by the BCAC in advance of any contest or event.”

The BCAC further advises that rules for amateur kickboxing are not yet in place and that rules for this sport “are still being developed at this time.

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