Saskatchewan To Legalize Amateur MMA and Other Combat Sports?

Update August 14, 2013 – the plans discussed below have gone through and will apparently also include pro MMA.  You can click here for details


As previously discussed,  Canadian federal law designates amateur combat sports  ”in the programme of the International Olympic Committee” legal by default.    These include  Boxing, Wrestling, Judo and Tae Kwon Do.  These amateur combat sports do not require government regulation unless Provinces pass legislation to the contrary.

Other Amateur combat sports, such as MMA, Kickboxing and Karate, remain illegal by default.  However, Bill S-209 allows this to be fixed by permitting Provincial intervention. This is a useful tool given to the Provinces and one that each Province should quickly use to give all Canadians a list of permitted amateur combat sports.  Saskatchewan appears to be the first Province ready to pull the trigger post Bill S-209 to give a legal framework for amateur combat sports in that Province.

I am advised that an Order in Council is being presented at Cabinet on July 31, 2013 and if passed will be effective immediately.   The Order in Council will designate the PSGB Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association as the specified body responsible for the sanctioning and oversight of amateur combative sports, including MMA, kickboxing, modified muay thai, and full contact karate.

This Order is expected to pass and I will update this post once I hear about the final status of the Order in Council.


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