Concussion Common Sense Leadership From Canada’s TJ Grant

BC injury law brain mri image

Earlier this month Brian Stann retired from his successful MMA career due to concerns regarding possible long term implications from traumatic brain injury.

Last week, Cole Harbour MMA fighter TJ Grant committed an equally impressive move in deference to head injury.  He stepped down from his UFC lightweight title shot scheduled next month.  This, despite not being guaranteed another shot at the title by UFC brass.  The reason, a concussive injury sustained in practice with lingering post concussive issues.

In the personal injury world I’ve seen my share of post concussive issues and the lingering consequences these injuries can bring.  Listening to TJ Grant’s interview with Ariel Helwani is worth digesting to in full to gain insight into the difficulties one can have recovering from a concussion and the minor exertions that can create significant setbacks.

As previously discussed, it is now well understood that combat athletes often sustain some of the worst trauma through training, not only by being exposed to possible concussions but through the accumulation of multiple sub concussive blows.  TJ Grant should be commended not only for his personal sacrifice in the name of his health but for being an example to all combat sport participants that brain health should not be sacrificed for short term gain.

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