Calgary Pulls The Plug For Amateur MMA At AFC Stampede Fight Night

The AFC’s latest event is scheduled to take place on July 12 in Calgary.  Last month Top MMA News reported that the event was scheduled to host a handful of amateur fights on the card.

AFC 20 Reported Fight Card

AFC 20 Fight Card Revised with no amateur

As previously discussed, Calgary currently lacks a proper framework to host amateur MMA bouts.  I have it on good authority that the City is now disallowing amateur events to proceed on July 12 and further that amateur events will be put on hold in Calgary for the time being.  You can click the above images to compare the lineup as initially announced to the current line up to see the changes for yourself with two of the scheduled amateur fighters now being on the professional card and the remaining amateur bouts being scrapped.

The good news is that this is likely going to be a temporary gap.  The Calgary Bylaw is currently under revision and is expected to be overhauled in the early Fall to create a clear legislative framework for amateur MMA in the City.

I will follow up on this topic once the revised Bylaw is passed.


Update – July 12, 2013 – After this story was republished at MMASucka the folks there reached out to AFC Promoter Darren Owen who provided the following comments about this development:

“After getting confirmation from the Calgary Combative Sports Commission after the passing of Bill S-209 they are still legally allowed to sanction amateur mma. Then pulling the plug about a week ago stating that they couldn’t find officials to work the amateur portion of the event is very suspect. I’ve heard from other sources that in fact Calgary can not sanction amateur mma currently just like the rest of Canada. It put us and the fighters in a tough spot. Some chose to go pro others did not. We pulled it together and will move forward with a great night of fights for our fans. This business always keeps you on your toes and you must be able to adapt and overcome.”

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