BC Commission Confirms Amateur Boxing, Taekwondo, Wrestling and Judo Presently Legal

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Amateur MMA Law, BC Athletic Commission, BC Athletic Commissioner Act, BC Combat Sports Law, Bill S-209

amater olympic combat sports legal in BC

As previously discussed, while there are a lot of amateur combat sports which are presently illegal in BC by operation of s. 83 of the Criminal Code, those amateur sports “on the programme of the International Olympic Committee or the International Paralympic Committee ” are currently legal.  These include Boxing, Taekwondo, Wresling and Judo.

After bringing this to the BC Athletic Commission’s attention they have clarified their earlier position confirming this indeed is the case.   These four specific combat sports events can be held with no government approval without infringing the Criminal Code unless “the province’s lieutenant governor in council or any other person or body specified by him or her requires it“.   Presently BC has no such requirement.

Below is the clarification just released by BC’s Athletic Commissioner:

In addition, amateur combat sports currently on the programme of the International
Olympic Committee (IOC) or the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) do not
require permission. The Province can, however, designate any of those combat sports
as requiring permission if it chooses.
Until such designations are made, the changes in the Criminal Code of Canada make
any amateur combat sport contest (other than combat sports on the IOC/IPC list) illegal.

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