Welcome Jim Harrison Show Listeners

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This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Jim Harrison Show in Kamloops to discuss BC’s new Athletic Commissioner Act regulating professional boxing and MMA.

Jim was kind enough to give me permission to rebroadcast the interview here:



For those of you who listen to Jim’s show that are visiting this site for the first time, welcome!  Here are links to my archived posts addressing some of the topics we covered on the show:

Bill S-209 and the expected changes to the Criminal Code

The Nuts and Bolts of BC’s Athletic Commissioner Act

The Gap on the Amateur Side of MMA and other Combat Sports in BC

Why These Laws Won’t Effect Fighting in Hockey and other Sports

2 thoughts on “Welcome Jim Harrison Show Listeners

  1. Thanks for visiting. Jim tells me he will e-mail me the podcast and I will publish this just as soon as I have a copy.


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