Time for Some Disinfecting at the Regie

Last month I canvassed the Diaz/St. Pierre Weigh in controversy (You can click here for a good timeline summary of the controversy)concluding that while there may be no legal remedy available to Diaz his camp’s comments on the Regie’s actions may lead to much welcome scrutiny of this Commission.

Today the controversial pre-weigh in video with ‘off the record’ rules changes has resurfaced.  Watching this certainly sheds the controversy in a much darker light.  If the Commission decided to, off the record, not count decimals that is at best a very shady use of their discretion.  Worse, however, is the statement that the Commission will allow the fighter’s extra time to make weight.  This expressly flies in the face of s. 77 of Quebec’s Regulation Regarding Combat Sports which reads as follows “At an official weigh-in, no time shall be granted to a contestant to enable him to increase or decrease his weight.”

There really is no room for misinterpretation of section 77.  If Mike Mersch’s comments in the video below are a direct representation of what the Regie told him then the commission is in serious need of overhaul.

2 thoughts on “Time for Some Disinfecting at the Regie

  1. It’s brutal how they run the commission there. It’s an old boys club that just does what they want. They violate their own regulations every time they have an event.

    I’ve watched them sanction a 145 title fight despite both fighters being overweight. They’ve allowed fighters additional time to cut weight, while denying others. Once they said you could cut more weight but couldn’t leave the room where the scale was.

    Very strange how they operate.

    Don’t get me started on their “Unofficial” black list of who can’t be licensed in the province.

    Good stuff Erik

  2. The whole thing smells bad. The Diaz camp should be applauded for the effort they’ve put into shining a spotlight on this issue.

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