Canadian MMA Legalization a Step Closer to Reality

Bill S-209, the law seeking to amend the Canadian Criminal Code to permit the legalization of MMA is now one step closer to reality.   (You can click here for background information). The Parliament of Canada’s website confirms that Bill S-209 has now passed second reading and has been referred to the Committee of the House of Commons.

The Bill will now receive scrutiny and any necessary overhaul before it passes Third Reading and becomes law.  While this Bill will likely pass into law, there are concerns that the current language of the Bill is not adequate.   The substance of these concerns can be found in this previous article published on Top MMA News and the comments that follow.

I have shared my concerns and am advised they will be brought to the Committee’s attention.  Now is a good time to contact the Committee of the House of Commons to raise any concerns to help ensure this legal overhaul adequately fills the needs of those seeking to be involved in the regulated MMA business.

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